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Incarnation - Emma Cornwall Not so sure if this is a cover fail or win, but is anyone paying attention to the model's post? It's almost as if I'm having a conversation with her, which goes like this:Girl: Do I look fat in this dress? *poses*Me: Um, nope! Of course you don't, Lucy!Girl: I know! I look fab-u-lous!Me: Okay. So--Girl: Say it.Me: Huh?Girl: Say it!Me: What are you talking about?Girl: That I look fab-u-lous!Me: You look fabulous. Girl: Bitch, please. You so do not mean that. You think that I'm ugly, and stupid, and snobby--Me: What? No! What the heck are you saying?Girl: Don't say it. Go.A Perfect Reaction of What Max, aka Moi, Would Do in this Kind of Situation*clears throat* Well, aside from that, um, it looks really interesting. Haven't read a Dracula-inspired steampunk, so all jokes aside, I'm looking forward to this book.