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Kill Me Softly - Sarah Cross When I first picked up Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross, I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting much. Yes, the blurb piqued my interest, and of course, the cover was pretty—but with the growing number of novels cropping up in the YA department, it’s hard to separate the novels that you think you might fall in love with, or to buy a book that makes a big hole in your wallet that you don’t quite enjoy. So I was quite surprised when I read this book, and liked it.The plot centers on a girl named Mira who is running away to her birthplace, Beau Rivage, before her sixteenth birthday to find out the reason behind her guardians’ secrecy and veiled words about that town. However, things start to fall apart when she finds out that it’s almost like a different world—a world where fairytales roam, and where stories awaken from black letters and white pages. And Mira is connected to that world, with a curse to her own—Sleeping Beauty, in fact. As romances bloom and with a mission to find out her trigger, the thing that’ll send her to an endless sleep, along the way, she starts the learn that every rose literally has its thorn.World-wise, I have to admit that the world created in Kill Me Softly is one of the most interesting places I’ve read in YA fiction. The concept is original, yet I was able to follow it without any trouble. I have to admit that I haven’t read an actual fairy tale, save the Greek mythology phase I went back a couple of years ago. But I was quite surprised to learn about the darkness behind fairy tales, and the way it was presented blended smoothly into the story. I liked how Ms. Cross gave people their own different quirks, although she could’ve given more personality to the secondary characters.Speaking of that, I think the characters are the weakest part of this novel. First of all, the main character, Mira, was a bit annoying to read, especially during the romance department, which I’ll be talking about later. Her decisions caused a mixture of the following emotions: the ‘WHHHYYYYYYY???’ and my personal favorite, ‘WTH!